Health protect for pets

Dr Fetcher’s veterinary products are created to provide the best solutions for
health and joint related issues of our furry friends.

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Weak retriever under blanket

Health issues catch up to your furry friend as well. But whenever the treatment means pills, powders or capsules, administering it to your pet is never easy.

Nobody likes to force a capsule down their pet’s throat. Throwing powder on their food, or mixing it in their water feels completely unnatural too, you might have tried it before.

Our solution to these issues is a liquid supplement with natural ingredients and non-steroid pain relief. A hassle-free addition to the daily routine. Reduce pain, increase their mobility and allow them to enjoy their favourite activites.

Benefits bottle

Liquid form, easy to administer. No more struggle with pills, powder and difficult treatments

Products developed with the help of veterinarians

Continue to be a responsible owner and invest in your pet’s health in the long run

Recommended for dogs with advanced joint pain

Alpha group

Ease the symptoms of arthritis and keep your dog’s activity even in their senior years. Non-steroid pain relief with an immediate effect, natural ingredients. Improve your pet’s quality of life by reducing pain and increasing mobility, allowing them to enjoy their favorite activities again.

Preventive solution to keep the joints healthy long-term

Maintain the joint health and the quality of life with high concentration of Type II collagen. Recommended for large breeds, working & agility dogs frequently experiencing high-impact activity.

D4 group

Preventive treatment for skin & fur problems

DC product

High dosage of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for a healthy body inside & out. Support your furry companion’s longevity to be part of their lives as long as you can. Suitable for both dogs & cats, excellent for BARF supplementation.

Prevent & treat stress-based urinary tract diseases in cats

Don’t let these problems arise when the treatment is so simple and prevention is easily achievable. Cranberry-extract and metionin to dissolve the urinary stones, glucosamine to regenerate the walls of the urinary tract.

C2 product

Veterinary medicinal product for immune support

DMG product

Excellent to support post-operational healing & regeneration processes in the body. Increases appetite, improves the overall condition. Enhances performance as well as the vitality of elderly animals.