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Arthritis in dogs – part 2

Remedies and treatment for joint pain in dogs

We definitely leave the diagnosis to a veterinarian. With a physical examination, they can assess how swollen the animal’s joints are, how painful the load may be, and how stiff the movement is. First of all, the reduction of inflammation and the alleviation of pain must be achieved so that the dog can move freely again. This is important not only for easier everyday life, but also to avoid obesity or muscle loss.

Alpha group

We developed our Alpha product for such treatment, which is used by veterinarians and veterinary pharmacies on a daily basis. It may even be familiar to the dear reader! 🙂

Of course, if justified, an X-ray can also be taken of the affected limb, and in severe cases further examinations or even surgery may be warranted.

There are things we can do to help our dog at home

As uncomfortable as it may be, movement helps a lot. Just like humans, animals don’t like to move in such pain. Indeed, it is necessary, because neglecting movement actually only worsens their condition. Let’s try to get her to go for a walk as often as possible, even if it’s a short distance, but make it a daily routine. Arthritis also causes a lot of discomfort in dogs, so awareness plays a big role in treatment. Movement stimulates the production of synovial fluid, which is much needed at this time.

Provide him with a comfortable, soft bed. Keep your bed dry and warm, as a cold and damp environment increases the irritation of inflamed joints.

Although it may sound contrary to the above description of movement, climbing stairs (and jumping) should be avoided if the dog has arthritis. The uneven load has a bad effect on the limbs, especially in the period when the situation should improve. If the dog needs to go upstairs, to the sofa or to a higher place, we can help him with a simple ramp. This way, your spine and legs are less strained, and it’s easier to lie down next to you while watching TV. 🙂

If we have the opportunity, we can also take our pet to hydrotherapy. In such a treatment, the dog exercises in water under controlled conditions. Its beneficial effect lies in the fact that while it reduces the load on the dog’s joints, it also strengthens the muscles, thus ensuring the development of a better posture. In this way, the damaged tissues are not affected by stress, which is why they are often recommended even before and after surgery.

Arthritis treatment in water

Vitamins and nutritional supplements for dogs

Of course, we can alleviate the dog’s arthritis with the right nutrients.
We list the most common active ingredients of nutritional supplements along with their beneficial properties:

  • Glucosamine: increases the amount of cartilage tissue and synovial fluid
  • Chondroitin sulfate: a component of cartilage tissue, responsible for its flexibility
  • MSM: when taken together with the above two ingredients, it has an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effect
  • Hyaluronic acid: increases moisture retention, prevents further wear of cartilage
  • Devil’s claw: plant-derived pain and anti-inflammatory agent that can be used externally (to treat wounds) and internally
  • Type II. collagen: an essential component of the mammalian body, mainly responsible for the lubrication of cartilage
  • Vitamin C: increases the incorporation of collagen into the joints and the surrounding tissues
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: the content of EPA and DHA also has an anti-pain and anti-inflammatory effect

Our goal was to include all these ingredients in Dr Fetcher’s Alpha to effectively treat joint pain.


It can be said that arthritis does not discriminate in dogs either, unfortunately. It mostly appears with advancing age, but it often occurs at a younger age as well. We distinguish between two main types, which also require different treatment. In order to establish the correct diagnosis, we definitely ask for a veterinarian’s opinion!

The health of your dog’s joints determines your everyday life just as much as it does his. Many types of symptoms can appear, which of course negatively affect movement. It is more likely to occur in certain breeds of dogs, but it is important to pay attention in all cases, for all breeds. Whether the problem stems from an injury or a genetic disorder, we can treat and alleviate the problem, but it is best to count on prevention.

If trouble has already struck and our pet’s movement is visibly worse, we should definitely support his body. Satisfy the daily need for exercise with regular exercise and walking, which also has a beneficial effect on the health of the joints, no matter how much you don’t feel like going. Let us help you with the right nutritional supplements to make your and his everyday life easier as soon as possible. Dr Fetcher’s Alpha product can significantly improve the dog’s condition, which of course requires your cooperation. It contains most of the necessary active ingredients, and many users have written very positive feedback.

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